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zaha hadid building

Zaha Hadid: even more than her buildings, it’s her mind that left its mark

Thinking differently is key to progress. How did Zaha Hadid's radical architecture change the industry?

Photo of face from film on human rights, All Human Beings

All Human Beings: How can we bring human rights to life?

How can we take something written over seventy years ago, and make it still feel relevant to people today?

Silhouette of person trapped in building, overlaid by coloured paint

How can constraints enhance creativity?

In narrowing available resources or abilities, limitations are momentous sources of potential for organisations.

Blue and orange painting

The secret to creativity – according to science

Why do we seem to differ so dramatically in our ability to imagine? And can we train ourselves to become more imaginative?

Lockdown singing: the science of why music helps us connect in isolation

How can we stay connected to each other when we have to keep apart?

After the dust has settled: The Value of Slowness with Rob Orchard

How does a single magazine, Delayed Gratifcation, want to change the way we consume news and engage with the world?

Tackling charged topics with humanity

How do we tackle communications around poverty to move beyond a fatalistic understanding to one where it is a solvable societal issue?

Why do we need the arts in times of crisis?

How can we use art to navigate an unfamiliar present and start thinking about a rejuvinated future?

The power of stories: from houswives to firefighters

Changing the stories that are publicly available to us changes the way we tell stories to ourselves.

Science is deeply imaginative: why is this treated as a secret?

The sciences and the arts aren't as seperate as we might think.

Singing sea levels: finding creative solutions to communicate the climate crisis

The climate crisis is a human catastrophe, human lives are being taken before our eyes, and it is those on the margins who are suffering most...

Why we should keep playing as adults

To play is to “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” A quick search of the word “playing”…

How creativity helped solve logistical challenges

What-3-Words creatively designed a new system to navigate the world. Thinking outside the box, Sheldrick has done so much more than help friends meet up...

A TEDtalk by Navi Radio on creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits

Navi Radjou on realising our potential

Navi Radjou discusses how creative problem-solving can address some of today's biggest global issues.

The Africa Centre: defining culture

When The Africa Centre opened its doors in London in 1964 it was a “home away from home” for the African diaspora, a cultural centre…

How creativity can help us cultivate moral imagination

Elizabeth Reid Boyd on the connection between empathy, creativity and better ways of being.

Seeing differently for ingenuity

Creative thinking is one of the qualities attributed to entrepreneurs and inventors.

Gemma Brady on The Power of Storytelling

Documentary film director Gemma Brady talks about the power of storytelling and the profound impact stories have when we relate them to our own experiences.

A Creative Fashion Revolution

Orsola de Castro talks about creativity as a force for change, in an industry that has enormous social and environmental impact on the world’s resources.

Nike shoes - Puddle Jump

When best intentions and big business collide

There’s nothing moral about promoting big business. Before making a purchase, should consumers consider what the company stands for?

Adam Penny

Adam Penny on Creativity in Filmmaking

Adam Penny, Executive Creative Director of Connected Pictures, gets to the heart of what creative strategies make a showstopper brand level film.

The World The Way I Want It

Tagging Germany Creatively

When you think of senior citizens, entering their autumnal years and giving up work, what comes to mind? Intrepid travellers, who are finally going on…

Afghan Cycles

We take cycling for granted as just another mode of transport regardless of gender. However, not everyone the world over has that privilege.

Authenticity and Into The Uncharted

For this brand film, Molton Brown wanted to capturing authenticity. Into The Uncharted works because the perfumer focused on an inspiring narrative.

Male with head bowed into forearm

The male image and Lynx

The rule book on what makes up the male image is changing, so too should unhelpful stereotypes that prevent men from moving away from a toxic masculinity.

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